Multi Function RF Signal Finder Detector Full Range Wireless Camera GSM GPS Cell Phone Radio Detector

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EO- G318A-1

【DUAL ANTENNA】: The detector is an upgraded version with dual antenna. Dual band combine with professional radio waves, so it can search faster signal from 300MHZ to 2700Mhz, RF antenna for low frequencies(300mhz ~ 800mhz) and GSM antenna for high frequencies(800mhz ~ 2700mhz), the anti-interference ability is stronger, and unlocking azimuth distance detection is more accurate.

【EASY TO USE】:This RF signal detector is easy to use, efficiently find the suspicious item. Sound and light alarm indicator is accurate and reliable.

【WIDE USAGE】: This product can detect 2G,3G,4G GSM bug, Audio Bug, GPS Car Tracker, Spy Cell Phone,1.2G/2.4G wireless camera and WIFI bluetooth etc; Especially design for the special processing technology of CDMA, other detectors cannot detect CDMA signals.

【LED INDICATORS】: There are 10 level LED lights, the left first LED is charge indicator. The second is power indicator. The Third to tenth light is for detection instruction, if all lights flash, the detector will produce Beep sound, the sound is more urgent, the signal is more strong 

【PROTECT THE PRIVACY】 :The wireless detector can detect whether there is strong electromagnetic radiation leak to do harm to our health from the household appliances, such as refrigerators, computers, or suspicious wireless signals.

Professional radio wave detection device with high sentitivity,adjustable threshold and large detection frequency range
As loong as the power switch + sensitivity switch,easy to operate,accurate and reliable
It can detect the positioner with mobile,2G,3G,4G card
It can detect high speed upload GPS locator packet locator.It can detect 1.2G,2.4G wireless camera
Frequency Range:1MHz-8000MHz
Detect Dynamic Range:>73DB
Detection Sensitivity:<0.03mw
Detection Range:2.GHz wireless camera:15 square meters, 1.2GHz wireless camera:10 square meters
Indication Mode:10 level LED lighting indication,variable tone indication
Power Supply:Built in 3.7V 1500MAH Lithium battery
Working current:60ma
Working Time:10-15 hours/weight:160g
Package List
1 x Detector (Battery Built In) 
2 x Antenna
1 x adaptor
1 x Manual

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