WiFi Camera User Manual

Thanks for you purchase our products, please read this user manual careful before you operate this product,


spy wifi camera

This camera has two working mode
A. Video Recorder: you can use it as a video recorder for continue recording without WiFi.
B. WiFi Connection: you need config WiFi parameters,remote view live video via Android/IOS APP.

Video Recorder:
Insert a micro SD card to the SD card(not included) socket, switch the power switch to ON side, system will wait a minutes to start video recording, it will save the video to a files every 5 minutes.
It will continue recording till the battery empty, a full charged battery could be records over 60 minutes, you can connect with power adapter or power bank for 24/7 working, it support loop recording by first in first out rules, this mode do not support motion detection.

WiFi Connection:
A. Download the APP on your cellphone

lockcam app

a. iOS: search the APP name “LOCKCAM” on Apple store, download and install it.
b. Android: search the APP name "LOOKCAM" on android store, download and install it. Download the APP on http://lookcam.ffvv.xyz/lookcam.html, you can choice iOS,Android, Windows software to download and install it.

After installed, your cellphone screen will display the “LOOKCAM” icon, now the APP is ready for use.

B. Power On / Power Off /Reset

spy wifi camera operation

Power On: Move the power Switch to ON side, the RED LED light will turn on, after few seconds the blue LED light will flashing every second, then the camera is ready for WiFi connection.
Power Off: Move the power Switch to OFF side, the camera will power off.
Reset: you must power on the camera and wait for the blue LED light flashing then you can press and hold the reset key for 5 seconds to reset to factory mode.

C. Connect the camera by hotspot Open your cellphone WLAN setting, you will find the WiFi network name: "B000534CBMXR", click it to connect, wait for few seconds for the network to be connected, please refer the right diagram:

wlan setting

Note: each camera has a different network name, you can find the name on the device backside.

D. Open the LOOKCAM APP on your cellphone When you opened the “LOOKCAM” APP will display the interface as below diagram:

my device

you can see the camera name "B000534CBMXR" under My Device, and it will pop out the note: "Find a new device B000534CBMXR has been added, do you want to connect to WiFi network", you can click "OK" go to WiFi config interface or click "Cancel" to cancel it".

a. when click "Cancel" button, the camera can work as hotspot mode, you can watch the video from the camera to cellphone directly, it will limit the transmit distance to no more than 100 feet (some area may less than 100 feet).
Note: Some time your cellphone may lost the camera network,You need go back to WLAN menu to reconnect it.

b. when click "OK" button, the camera will go to WiFi config interface, select your WiFi router name, input the password, click "OK" to confirm.

spy wifi camera settingwifi camera settingadd device

The camera will save the config data and restart the system,when it ready you can watch the camera through internet network in anywhere.

add device

E. WiFi setting for internet network access when the camera works on hotspot mode, you can click setting menu on the right of the device name, and click "WiFi Setting" on submenu, go to WiFi setting interface, please refer the previous page of the WiFi setting. The camera default password is “123456", please change the password by APP after your login the system, it will keep your privacy in secure.

You can adjust the motion detection and other parameters through the APP, system will auto save your settings.

1. the camera only support 2.4ghz WiFi router, you need change your WiFi router to 2.4G mode.

2. you must input the WiFi router password correct, otherwise the device could not be connected and the device will be disable, you need reset the device and reconnect it again.
3. After connected, you can put the camera anywhere but should not over 100 feet from the WiFi router which will keep the connection stable.
4. Please connect the camera to power adapter for 24/7 working, if you operate it with the inside battery power, please charge it full before use, and it support continue working about 60 minutes.
5. The default password is 123456, please modify the password after your login, if you forgot password, please move the power switch to OFF, next to ON, wait the blue LED flashing, and press the reset button to reset to factory mode, you need reconnect it to your WiFi router.
6. For micro SD card recording, you need format it on first time use.
7. You can adjust the view resolution to 720P or 1080P to adjust the transmission bandwidth, it will help improve the quality of viewing video.

Required the charger specification:
Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz 100mA
Output: DC5.0-5.5V 500mA-1A

When the battery is low, the camera will not works stable, you need charging it.
If the device stop responding due to improper operation or other unexpected reason, please move the power switch to OFF side, next move to ON side, wait for the blue LED flashing, then press reset button, and reconnect it to WiFi router.

Battery: If this product has not been used in a long period of time, you will need to fully charge it before using.
Operating temperature: 0 – 40 degree. Operating
humidity: 20% - 80%, this product is not waterproof so don not get it wet or use it in a humid environment.

Other matters: Do not use this product in strong magnetic or strong electric powered environments.