Telephone Recorder User Manual TELREC01


telephone recorder

A. Insert micro SD card to the telephone recorder SD card socket, please check the direction

B. Move the power switch to “ON” side, please check the diagram as below:

telephone recorder operation

Note: please check the micro SD card direction, the micro SD card connection pin should be at up side, please refer the above diagram.

C. Close the top cover to the main device

close the cover

D. Connect telephone cable, the telephone recorder has two ports (in both side), one port connects to the telephone main line, and the other port connects to telephone base line port, after it close the cover to the device, then install finished.

Connect the RJ11 port to telephone and landline source

connect to telephone line

The red LED light turn on  when connected with telephone line, the telephone recorder will auto start voice recording when pickup telephone headset, the LED light will flashing one time per seconds.

Note: when LED light flashing continually, means the device do not read the micro SD card, please check the micro SD card and reinstall it.


Application Example:

telecom connection

Note: This Telephone Recorder Only Support Analog Telephone system.



Connect the recorder to computer using the USB cable provided, refer below diagram:

Move the power switch at ON side, then wait for few seconds, the computer will install the driver automatic, then the computer will pop up a removable disk logo, Open it up and there will be files for Audio and time.txt, The recorded file is saved under the WAV folder, file format is .wav;

File format is "year - month - day - hour – minute-second-recording number.wav"

Setting Date and Time:

Please connect the telephone recorder to your computer via USB cable and the computer will recognize it as a removable disk, open the removable disk, at the root directory to create a file named “time. txt” and edit content: "2016-04-22,20:45:00" updated the content value with correct date and time and save the file.

You also can download the time.txt file by , and copy it to the root folder of the revomable disk.

Open the time.txt by Notepad(windows), edit the content value with correct date and time and save it,copy it to root folder of the removable disk.

Take out the telephone voice recorder from computer and power on the device, it will updated the date and time, you can records a file to check it.


When the storage space is insufficient, or the device on halt, the red light will flashing quickly, If you want to continue to use this recorder, delete the files or open the cover
change a memory card, the device will working back.


A. First time use please charging it over 12 hours, after it need charging one time in every month.

B. If can't open the U disk, please format it via PC.

C. If LED flashing fast, SD card installed Error, please open the cover to reinstall the memory card.


Application: Please strictly abide relevant regulations and laws. This product should not be used for any illegal purposes. The user is fully responsible for its use.
Battery: If this product has not been used in a long period of time, you will need to fully charge it before using.
Operating temperature: 0 – 40 degree.
Operating humidity: 20% - 80%, this product is not waterproof so don not get it wet or use it in a humid environment.
Other matters: Do not use this product in strong magnetic or strong electric powered environments.