G728 RF Detector User Manual

G728 RF Detector

The G728 RF detector receives hidden WiFi cameras, GSM, 3G,4G,5G cell phone SIM card bugs, 1.2ghz,2.4ghz wireless cameras output signals, the indicate LED light display received signal intensity and sound prompt or vibrating prompt when the detector close to the target.

RF detector interface

Power ON/OFF: Move the power switch to “ON” position the device power on with voice prompt, move the switch to “OFF” position to power off.

Key Functions:

rf detector button
press the "UP" key to increase sensitivity, the device will prompt “di” sound on each press, press three times to increase a level of the sensitivity, the next LED light will turn on, one LED light means a level of sensitivity, there are total 6 level.

press the "Down" key to decrease sensitivity, press three times will turn off the current level LED light, decrease one level of the sensitivity.

Note: First time use the level 1 LED light will turn on and flashes.
1.when the level 1 LED light turn on, press the "Down" key no function.

2.when the level 6 LED light turn on, press the "UP" key no function.

press the "OK" key to change voice sound prompt or vibrate prompt

The device have memory records function, system will save your current setting, next time use will go to last setting, no need set again.

Detection Guide

how to use the RF detector

Install the antenna to the device, hold the device as above diagram, the antenna toward to the suspicious area, we suggest to adjust the sensitivity to level 5, when the detector received the hidden wifi cameras output signals, cell phone bugs, GPS trackers communicating with base station's signals, the device will flashes & sound alarm as close as rapidly.

Note: you can try to different sensitivity level to find the best performance.

How to Charge?
Connect it via type-c USB cable(you can find it in package) to your cell phone charger or any USB charger with 5V output.
Required the charger parameters:
Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz 100mA
Output: DC5.0-5.5V 500mA-1A
When the battery is low, the device will not works stable,
you need charging it.

Battery: If this product has not been used in a long period of time, you will need to fully charge it before using.
Operating temperature: 0 – 40 degree.
Operating humidity: 20% - 80%. This product is not waterproof so don not get it wet or use it in a humid environment.
Other matters: Do not use this product close to network station, it may effective function of the detection.