Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device
  • Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device
  • Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device
  • Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device
  • Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device
  • Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device
  • Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device

Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device

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Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug RF Listening Device Car GPS Tracker Detector Wireless Signal Scanner Infrared Finder for Home Office Hotel Bathroom


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  • Multifunctional Privacy Protect Detector: Receiving frequency range of this hidden devices detector is 100Mhz to 8Ghz. Therefore, it can quickly detect wireless hidden cameras, GSM/3G/4G bugs, GSM/3G/4G GPS tracker, wireles signal source and stronge magnetic field signal, etc.Whether in private spaces such as hotels, cars or bedrooms, or in places where privacy is easy to leak, such as conference rooms, fitting rooms or even public toilets, it is a very suitable choice.
  • 2 in 1 Hidden Camera Detectors: This hidden camera detectors incorporates 2 features.1. RF Signal Detection to detect active RF bug transmitters like transmitting camera,GPS tracker,wireless audio bug. 2. Magnetic Field Detection to find the unwanted widely used magnetized GPS trackers. It can detect the harmful electromagnetic radiation leaked from household appliances such as microwave ovens, as well as detect radiation from base stations near your work environment or home.
  • Upgraded Ultra-sensitivity Chipset: With R&D upgrades, new microprocessors are embedded, enabling eoqo camera detector working more intelligently and accurately, with strong anti-interference, ultra-far detecting range, comprehensive signal accumulation and algorithm, long-lasting battery life. With upgraded ultra-sensitive chips, this camera detector has 10 levels of sensitivity, which allow you to accurately find the signal source.
  • Compact and Portabl: The bug detector is small size, light weight and easy to carry. It is convenient to protect your personal privacy and business information security. Portable and easy to store. Perfectly for home, office, travel, car and etc. Also recommended to scan bathroom,fitting room,bedroom,washroom,meeting room for any privacy leak. A good tool to scan your vehicle for any unwanted GPS trackers hidden by the stalker.
  • Satisfaction and Quality Assurance: In order to ensure that every customer can use the RF bug detector correctly, we include the latest instruction manual in the package and upload the video of use on this page, Any questions can contact us at any time through the manual.We offer a meticulous warranty and lifetime professional customer support. We will reply you with the most satisfactory answer within 24 hours and help you solve the confusion in time.

Why need RF Detector?

Are you worried about the hidden damage from radiation?

Do you feel distrust of the surrounding environment?

Are You Being Electronically Spied on Without Your Knowledge?

Are you worried that your car, home or office is Bugged with GPS Tracking?

Want to fully protect the security of the business secret information?

With so many ordinary-looking products hiding lenses or microphones available to anyone.

These hidden devices are small, and can operate for months without you knowing they are on, transmitting your sensitive data.

You can never be sure that an AC adapter or a smoke detector is what it seems.

With Professional RF Detector, you’ll easily detect any bugs in seconds, protection for yourself from unimaginable damage of prying eyes and ears.

Hidden Camera Detector

Key Features

1. Sturdy build, compact, lightweight, portable, easy to carry on your travels.

2. Detects hidden cameras, WiFi Cameras, IP Cameras, Miniature Cameras, unwanted GPS Trackers, Mobile Phone Wiretaps, and more spy-bugs.

3. Detects bugging devices working on wireless signals, or over WiFi or Bluetooth networks.

4. Detects illegal wireless Audio Bugs/Eavesdropping Transmitters/GSM Microphone Transmitters, Body Wires, Wiretaps.

5. The camera Finder is super compact and portable, independant from the main detector, allows you to easily and quickly scan and spot the camera lens from any overt/ covert, wireless cameras.

6. 10-level LED Signal Strength Indicator visibly shows RSS(received signal strength) to help pinpoint the accurate locaion of the signal source.

7. It automatically beeps to notify you when it is fairly near to the bug device. On top of thawt, the LED indicator displays the full signal strength to notify you with Lights Alet that the bug device is fairly close. Finding the bug device using our G618 detector is quick and easy.

8. Adjustable detecting sensitivity enables you to manually turn down sensitivity as needed to narrow detection field for pinpointing the location of the wireless source.

9. Easy to operate, comes with easy-to-follow directions, supported by professionasl customer support.

10. Superb long battery life provides 12-15 continous working hours, and lasts up to 7 day set on standby mode. Battery chargeable, no external battery replacement is needed.

Easy Use

The hidden camera detector with three antennas is much more performance enhancement, the rf scanner is design for personal privacy protect, to help you to locate the hidden WiFi mini camera, cellphone bugs, GPS tracker and wireless audio eavesdropping device, identify the suspicious surroundings, small size can be put in bag to carry anywhere, such as travel, check into the hotel, office, etc.

Hidden camera detector

Choose Professional Choose Peace of Mind

Upgraded New High-Speed Microprocessor, works more effectively and stably. Detect more RF signal transmitter bugs. Detects wider frequency range. Ultra-high anti interference. Super high sensitivity.

A must have for anti-spy, anti eavesdropping and anti stalker.

RF Signal Detectioin& RF Bug Detector

RF Signal Detectioin& RF Bug Detector

Bug Detector can detect wireless Audio Bugs, Eavesdropping Devices,GSM Microphones, Audio Surveillance Devices, Body Wires, WiFi Cameras, IP Cameras, Camcorders, and transmitting GPS trackers and locators working over GSM card and

more other Spy-stransmitters you have never noticed before. Bug Detector can detect the signals broadcast from working bug devices and show the signal strength level rise when it is approaching closer to the signal source, typically

when the Bug Detector is close enough to the signal source(bug transmitters), it alerts you with loud beeps to let you know a suspicious signaling device is nearby.

Please keep in mind that Bug Detector will pick up signals in a given areas, please do remember to deactivate and turn off all the know signaling devices like cellphone, WiFi router, Bluetooth device or other transmitter you know in

the given area where you expect to do bug sweeping.

How to use the hidden camera detector

How to use the hidden camera detector?

Please rotate the knob to right to power on the device, and turn the third LED light on, close the detector to your cellphone, if the detector LED light flashes, you can handle the detector close to object area to inspect, if the detector LED light dose not flash, you can rotate the knob to turn the fourth or fifth LED light on, increase the sensitivity, then you can get the best performance, please do not turn the tenth LED light on, it will reach the maximum sensitivity, the device will alarm immediately.

Hidden Camera Detectors, Hidden Devices Spy Camera Bug finder
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