g328 rf detector

G328/G328B RF detector is made by new generation wireless technology, mainly designed to detect GSM bug, wireless audio bug, GPS tracker, mobile phone secret communication, spy WiFi camera, cheating device etc.
The function can meet military/police surveillance, it can detect electrical source, so will prevent you and your family from the damage of electromagnetic radiation. It adopts digital receiving mode, which is different from other detectors.
First is widen the detection frequency domain, avoid the disturbance from clutter signal of life.
Second is improved the sensitivity, the advantage is that no matter how strong the transmitting signal is, it can easily locate it by adjusting the switch.
So it is the most advanced portable wireless signal detection equipment. The normal wireless detector can not detect CDMA/4G/5G signal, if you dial it via CDMA 2100Mhz/4G 2300Mhz/5G 3600Mhz,the traditional detector never alarm.
Because CDMA/4G/5G mobile phone agreement was invented by the U.S.Military, it is a radio frequency hooping technology, was called code division multiple access, and the transmission power is small, it is hard to detect.
G328/G328B can accurately identify the CDMA/4G/5G mobile communication protocol of monitoring equipment.

Indicator Light: there is 10 level LED light, the first to tenth is for detection instruction, if all lights flash, will produce “beep”sound,the sound is mor urgent, the signal is more strong.
Switch: the switch can be move to “S” side for signal detect, move to “D” side for magnet signal detect.
Button: press it for different function, short press to light on the LED light, press and hold for 3 seconds for change to vibrate alarm.

Power Switch & Sensitive knob:
turn it right to power on and increase sensitive, turn left to decrease sensitive and power off.

Install antenna just screw it to the device connect socket.
Magnet Detect Probe: connect the magnetic probe to the connector socket and screw it.

rf detector antenna
USB Port: Charging socket

Power ON: Clockwise turn the power switch to power on, the indicator light will turn on, when turn it to maximum, it will prompt “beep, beep” alarm voice from low to loudly;
Power OFF: Counterclockwise turn the power switch to power off, the LED light turn off, the system is power off.

A: RF wireless Signal Detection:
Power on the device, move the switch to “S” side, the system is wireless detect mode, turn the Sensitive knob to adjust signal intensity to find the target object.

How to adjust the sensitivity?
Turn the rotary switch clockwise to maximum, go to standby mode, if receiving stronger environmental signal, then adjust the rotary switch back, the light flash no more than the Third LED light, normal you can setting it to Second LED light, when detected wireless signal it will flashing till it full displayed.

when the indicator light 10 LED bar bright/flashing full, the speaker will produce “beep”, when the signal is more strong, the sound will be more rapid, means it is near to the target, we can change the detector direction, and turn the rotary switch back when the signal is strong, in this way, we can find the target easily.

This product is high sensitive device, it can receive the signal from mobile phone base stations, television broadcasting station on the road. if you need to find the car GPS tracker, please drive your car to weak signal area, and set your cell phone to airplane mode, then you can use the detector to find out it.
If the device always alarm and there are no any target device in the room, please check:
1, your own electronic device has connection to network station(you need turn it off).
2, the target device may in another room or other side of the wall, or some body who near the room and make phone calls.
3, your place is too near the network station.

B: Magnetic Probe Detection:

gps tracker detector
Power on the device, move the switch to “D” side, the system is in magnetic probe detect mode, Turn the rotary switch clockwise to maximum, then move the magnetic probe directing to the object area, when it detected magnetic device, the probe light will turn on and the speaker will produce “beep”, when the signal is more strong, the sound will be more rapid.

C: Camera Lens Detection(for G328 model only,G328B no this function):

pinhole camera lens scan
Power on the device, short press the button, the 6 piece LED light will turn on, at this time press the button again, it will flashing one second a time, press it again, it will flashing 0.5 seconds a time, press it again, it will flashing 0.1 seconds a time, press it to stop, it works in cycle;
You can find the best flashing frequency and aim to the target area,
Move your eye on the device’s window area to watching and find out the hidden camera lens which will be looks like a “dot” when the Red LED light illuminate to it.

Alarm Sound and Vibration:
The device default alarm is sound, produce “beep” sound alarm, you can press and hold the button for 3 seconds to change to vibration alarm mode, press it 3 seconds again back to sound alarm.

connect it to power adapter via USB cable, the charging LED will turn blue, when it charged full will turn red.

Frequency Range: 100MHz - 2700MHz
Detect dynamic range: > 73db
Detection Sensitivity:<0.03mw
Detect Rage: 1.2GHz wireless camera: 10㎡, 2.4GHz wireless camera:15㎡(transmitter:10mw)
Magnetic: 10~20mm,
pinhole camera lens: 10~20 meters
Mobile: 2G,3G,4G 10㎡
Battery: 3.7V 1000MAH, Working current: 60ma
Working time: 8 - 12 hours
Weight: 120g

Application: Please strictly abide relevant regulations and laws. This product should not be used for any illegal purposes. The user is fully responsible for its use.
Battery: If this product has not been used in a long period of time, you will need to fully charge it before using.
Operating temperature: 0 – 40 degree.
Operating humidity: 20% - 80%, this product is not waterproof so don not get it wet or use it in a humid environment.
Other matters: Do not use this product in strong magnetic or strong electric powered environments.